For organizers

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Terms and Guidelines for Organizers

Please find here the terms and guidelines that apply to and must be observed by ALL organizers on Culture Night and Family Culture Night. There are a few differences in the terms applying to the two events. It is therefore important that you familiarize yourself thoroughly with all the terms.

Organizer Groups and Participation Charges

The Culture Night Association works with two organizer groups. Below you can see which group you belong to. If there are any doubts as to which group you belong to, the Culture Night Association makes the final decision. If you do not have an organizer profile, you can read more about how to register here.

Group A

  • Museums and other permanent exhibition buildings
  • Libraries and Arts institutions as well as state, municipal and local archives
  • Non-commercial institutions with regular opening hours and with a collection available to the public or with particularly unique attractions
  • the Zoo
  • Churches or places of worship recognized by the Government.

Group B

  • Cultural sites/venues, non-commercial (community halls, educational institutions, etc.)
  • Other non-commercial institutions (townhalls, Parliament and ministries)
  • Associations, other public administrations or organizations housed in buildings of special architectural or historic interest or which in some other way embrace the concept of culture. However, it is a condition that there is no intent of recruiting members on Culture Night
  • Commercial operators (e.g. bookshops, galleries and craftsmen with workshops).

for Group B – only on Culture Night

All Group B members must pay a participation fee of DKK 3000 for taking part in Culture Night. An invoice is automatically sent on approval by the Culture Night Association. Until further notice organizers of Family Culture Night events are free of charge.

Organizing and Commitment

As organizers we expect you to welcome and create unforgettable memories for all your visitors. Visitors to Culture Night or Family Culture Night expect an experience out of the ordinary, and when they leave your event, they should have a feeling of having been part of something extraordinary. Therefore, all events must be unique and exude profundity and quality. We call it Culture Night Quality.

Every organizer is responsible for own events. Organizers are also responsible for complying with state, municipal and local requirements and for acquiring the necessary permits from the municipality, the police, fire authorities etc.

Events must take place within the municipalities of either Copenhagen or Frederiksberg.

All organizers must keep given deadlines which can be found here.

Target Groups and Opening Hours

Events on Culture Night target all age groups. The events must be held within the time frame of 18:00 – 24:00, be free of charge and exclusively for visitors with a Culture Night Pass. All organizers must open their doors at 18:00 sharp. The Culture Night Association encourages organizers to keep their institutions open until 24:00, as this is the official closing hour of Culture Night. Organizers may at the earliest close their doors to the public at 23:00, and the closing hour should be stated clearly in the programme. Subsidized venues MUST stay open until 24:00.

The target group of Family Culture Night are children in the age groups of 2 to 5 and 6 to12 accompanied by a grown-up, and all events must be held between 16:00 – 20:00. All organizers must open their events at 16:00 sharp and remain open until 20:00. Events should preferably be short and be repeated during the evening (flow). Organizers are not obliged to keep their whole building open on Family Culture Night. For instance, a children’s workshop in a specific area might be the actual event.

The events on Family Culture Night must be free of charge and exclusively for visitors with a Culture Night Pass, but if the event takes place in the organizer’s normal opening hours, ordinary tickets can be sold to visitors who simply wish admission without taking part in the Family Culture Night event.

Culture Night Pass and Registration of Visitors

A Culture Night Pass gives free of charge access to all events on Culture Night and Family Culture Night.

It is mandatory for all visitors to show their Culture Night Pass at all events listed in the programme on the website of the Culture Night Association. Unpleasant and problematic situations may arise, if paying visitors find that others are being admitted without a Culture Night Pass. Organizers should therefore ensure that they have sufficient staff who can check whether visitors have a Culture Night Pass and thus ensure that people without a Culture Night Pass do not gain access. We recognise that it can be difficult to check whether visitors have a Culture Night Pass at events in public spaces or in public roads, but to the extent possible checking should take place.

All organizers MUST count the number of visitors visiting their events and report the number to the Culture Night Association. Registration of visitors is done by scanning the digital Culture Night Passes or simply by counting the visitors.

Rules for Booking in Advance

Organizers cannot require booking in advance for their events without prior approval from the Culture Night Association, and booking in advance should to the extent possible be avoided. Booking can only take place online via Billetto or via an own online booking system. Booking must start on time as many guests are waiting and ready to book on the day. Find the date here. If your event is fully booked, please send us a mail, and we will note it on your programme page.

Press and Marketing

As organizers, you are naturally welcome to use your own marketing channels and to create awareness about your events taking place on Culture Night and Family Culture Night.

In your marketing efforts, you should make it quite clear that ONLY visitors with a Culture Night Pass may enter (this also applies to SOME, such as Facebook or Instagram). Do not write that ‘entry is free of charge’ as this can be taken by visitors to mean that they do not need a Culture Night Pass. Instead, say something like ‘with a Culture Night Pass your admission to the event is free of charge’.

When as an organizer you enter your event on the website of the Culture Night Association, the image you use must be cleared for press use so that the Culture Night Association can use the image in a press context. Please mail the image to the [email protected] as a jpg. file minimum size 1 MB and with a clear declaration as to whom the image should be accredited.

Mandatory Fetching of Posters and Culture Night Passes
The Culture Night Association produces streamers saying, “Only for visitors with a Culture Night Pass”. We expect all organizers of Culture Night and Family Culture Night to put the streamers up with this year’s poster. All organizers must personally fetch posters, streamers, overviews and two copies of this year’s Culture Night Pass.

You will find the deadline for fetching at Important dates. Dates and addresses will follow in a newsletter when we get closer to the date.

Programme Overview – Printed and Online

Visitors to Culture Night and Family Culture Night can read about this year’s events in the programme on the website. It is therefore important that you enter your event and describe it with an inviting and relatively detailed text. All important details must be clearly stated. The Culture Night Association reserves its right to edit the texts. You will find deadlines for posting and description of your event – plus when the programme will be made public – here.

Visitors who buy their Culture Night Pass at 7-Eleven will be issued with a printed overview of the names and addresses of all the organizers, but with no description of the events. Visitors who buy their Culture Night Pass online will receive a link so that they can download the overview in pdf format.

A printed overview will not be made for Family Culture Night. Thus, visitors can only find information about the organizers and the planned events on the homepage.

Subsidies for Culture Night Events

Every year the Culture Night Association awards more than DKK three million to events. The funds are earmarked for heightening the quality of the events taking place on Culture Night. Only events on Culture Night can be awarded funds, not events taking place on Family Culture Night.

Applications should be made using the application form here. On the same page you will find important dates concerning the application process. Only applications from approved organizers can be taken into consideration.

*If an organizer does not follow the criteria or requirements of the Culture Night Association, the organizer can be excluded from next year’s Culture Night.