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Press Access to Culture Night and Family Culture Night


Here you can read more about press access and find the latest press releases as well as download photos for use in publicity concerning Culture Night or Family Culture Night.

If you are a journalist or content provider, you are very welcome to take part in the press events of the Culture Night Association.

Please note that you must have press accreditation to take part. Press cards do not give admission.

Should you have any press related questions or if you would like press accreditation for Culture Night or Family Culture night, please contact:
Press Officer
Katrine Clante
Telephone: +45 22 60 65 38
Mail: [email protected]​​​​​​​​​

Head of Secretariat
Marie Myschetzky
Telephone: +45 23 24 99 14
Mail: [email protected]


Use of images/photos

You can find here and download photos and our present poster.
You can find former posters in the archive here (link)​​

Photos belonging to the Culture Night Association may only be used for editorial references to Culture Night or Family Culture Night. The photos may not be used for commercial or private purposes.

When our photos are used, the photographer must always be given credit. The photographer is stated in the photo file. The user is responsible for crediting the photo correctly.

Be Updated on Culture Night or Family Culture Night

If you would like more information about the Culture Night Association’s activities, please find our latest press releases here. (either link, pdf or as a gallery)​​

If you do not receive our press releases, but would like to in the future, please write to [email protected].