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About the Culture Night Association

The Culture Night Association plans and carries out Culture Night and Family Culture Night once a year. The first Culture Night took place in 1993. The Association was founded in 2004.

The main object of the Association is to ensure that Culture Night can continue to be held every year. Members do not pay a membership fee, and everyone works for free except Culture Night’s secretariat.

Culture Night aims to create Copenhagen’s biggest one-day event, which once a year ties the city together in an intensive experience of extraordinary cultural events. Thus, promoting cultural curiosity and happiness among children and adults is of paramount importance as is attracting a new audience who does not usually avail itself of cultural opportunities.

The Culture Night Association receives no subsidies from the Government nor from the municipalities. The only sponsor is DOT who sponsors transport on Culture Night and Family Culture Night. All income stems from the sale of Culture Night Passes, and any profit is exclusively used for carrying out cultural events at next year’s Culture Night in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

Culture Night’s Board

Ulla Didriksen

Henriette Bachmann
House of Culture Islands Brygge

Sille Brethvad
Frederiksberg Museums

Peter Kristiansen
Royal Danish Collection

Anders Eske Laurberg Hansen
Copenhagen’s Culture Neighbourhood

Jesper Møller
Museum of Copenhagen

Sara Fredfeldt Stadager
Danish Jewish Museum

Ditte-Marie Lund
Round Tower – Alternate member

Daniel Smith Nielsen
SMK – Alternate member

Statutes for the Culture Night Association in Copenhagen:
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